Our Story

Hey all! I’m Dixy, I'm passionate about social impact, shared opportunities, preserving cultural heritage & ultimately sharing stories that bring us joy & connection to live inspired. I explore life through design, photography, nature, food & conversations

We launched La Villa in 2017 with a vision of creating inspired handcrafted goods focusing on a way of doing business that uplifts the makers, through partnership, sustainability & mutual growth. We are not a charity, we believe in progress through work.

I began working in the artisan sector 10 years ago traveling all over El Salvador,  I encountered family run workshops, new initiatives and established cooperatives. They are experiences I cherish deeply. I recognized the sector needed to connect with more trade opportunities. 

In 2014 I worked in product development for a garment factory, though it was compliant with local regulations, being part of the dynamic took me to deepen the questioning around what is involved in the supply chains for mass production of our clothing & everyday objects. I began researching more about the subject, and felt inspired by international social impact projects that focused on sustainability & corporate responsibility. Reading about the Rana Plaza disaster that sparked Fashion Revolution hit home, picturing something like that happen to us, to the people I saw every day.

We use things without thinking of where they come from, the people who make them & what happens to them when discarded. 

An object made by hand carries within the story of who makes it and that of the generations that evolved the craft. I am in awe of the rawness of natural materials & how they are shaped, by hand, with knowledge passed on from generation to generation. 

Seeing the imminent reality of skills & generational knowledge slowly disappear further inspired my journey in entrepreneurship to creating the opportunities that did not yet exist. 

Pictured here are women that are part of Callotl Artisans economic initiative programs, they are our production partners for our coconut shell collection & textile finishes. Callotl is a marine conservation project that supports communities in Costa del Sol, El Salvador.

As our journey continues to evolve, we will always be grateful for the stories we've shared with artisans, customers & fellow businesses.

May we continue to thrive together.