Product Care

Our products are hand woven with cotton on vintage wooden looms, slight variations in colour and texture add to the beauty and character of each item.



We recommend hand washing our items with a mild soap, if you prefer to machine wash we highly recommend using a garment bag and only washing the items in the delicate cycle.


Hang to dry and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, especially with items that have been treated with natural dyes, this will prolong the longevity and brightness of the colours

The use of a steamer is recommended to smooth out any unwanted creases that may develop after air drying.


Cotton tassels may become mixed after use, to straighten strands you may use a brush to gently comb through and straigten 


Clean with a dry cloth and apply coconut oil to the coconut shell pieces, this will act as a shield and renew the shine of each piece.

Clean gold-filled elements with a dry cloth.

Brass elements become naturally tarnished, this can be cleared up with the use of lime juice and a q-tip


Our floral art has been carefully pressed and preserved by our artisan partners, however it is still natrual matter. We strongly recommend you frame or store your floral art behind glass or plastic and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sun to extend it's longevity.