Callotl Artisans, our partners working in conservation & sustainable development

Our Coco Collection is made in partnership with Callotl Artisans, an environmental project that targets sea turtle conservation, responsible fishing and sustainable development in Costa del Sol, El Salvador.


Coastal communities that find themselves immersed in violence have found new hope through work and commerce using local renewable resources in the coconut shell that would otherwise go to waste.

Our jewlery collection is handmade by Callotl Artisans, fairly paid artisans that play an important role in sea turtle conservation efforts, many of them collect sea turtle eggs for the local hatchery and a percentage of sales goes directly towards the conservation program.

In the next two phases of economic development, the program has trained a group of women-only artisans in seamstress work & another in skincare production based on coconut oil.

Led by a visionary C.E.O, who is also a product designer it's fair to say Callotl is a trailblazer in social development & protector of the ocean. Pictured below is a newborn sea turtle during a public release held by Callotl in Playa el Zapote, Costa del Sol, El Salvador.

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